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FQ-FOB Summary

There are times when the rapid deployment of cord is a potential life saver.

Our new range of FQ products are made for the High Speed - Low Drag Operator.
The special construction of the FQFOB enables the operator to unravel approx. 6ft
of continuous GSA Compliant 550 Paracord in less than 5 seconds!

- For speed use a knife to cut away the retainer knot.
- If you have the time you can untie the knot.
- With retainer knot removed now pull out the two pieces of end cord.
- Then pull hard on the end loop whilst holding bracelet tight.
- Keep pulling until all cord is free.
- Run the cord through you hands to straighten it out.
- You now have approx. 6ft of strong (550lb) cord!

Weight 12g. 
Length 3½" (88.9mm excl end loops)
Test tensile strength 550lb.
Attach to keys, MOLLE, pocket tools etc.

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