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CountyComm EOD Breacher Bab

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CountyComm EOD Breacher Bab Summary

EOD Robotics developed this compact breaching tool with input from Bomb Techs, SWAT Operators and Patrol Officers. All these folks need a tool for prying, cutting and pounding, and here's the answer. 

Made From 1045 High Carbon Steel and Fully Heat Treated To A Rockwell Hardness of Over 45.

The EOD Robotics Breacher Bar comes ready to go as a pry bar or lever. Ideal for opening crates and even punching through steel drums etc. The coffin corner back edge lends itself to a hammer nicely.

The 2 inner holes in the handle can be for paracord or solid slabs or whatever you like. The hole towards the top of the blade and the one on the end are good for lashing it onto a shaft, tree branch etc. The end hole is geared for hanging it up or for attaching a lanyard so you do not lose it in that pit or in the water.

The top edge can be hammered on as can the back end. And then you can use your imagination to do other things with it.  - Measures 8 1/2" long, 1 1/4" wide and 7/32" thick. Weight 8.2 oz.

Some sign of rust could be seen on the tool.

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5 product stars
Great - Fred - 19/06/2012
This is such a great product. It's SO versatile, I've literally day dreamed about all the things I could use it for, it's so flexible. The edge is blunted, which should be perfect for 90% of tasks, although I'm sure it could be sharpened to add a cutting edge. Also, coming without a handle makes it more flexible as you can choose the task it's best suited for. Bright orange cord for boat work, maybe plain grey paracord for warehouse use, etc. It can take solid handles with the pre drilled holes. It's super sturdy and is such a bargain for the price. Beware it will come slightly tarnished, because that's how the US military ship them in bulk. But this object isn't meant to look pretty. Such a great item.