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Coin-Sized Pocket Screwdriver

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Coin-Sized Pocket Screwdriver Summary

This innocent-looking 1" dia. flat steel bagel is really a very versatile pocket screwdriver.
What makes it so effective is the range of edge thickness (from 0.030" to 0.090") created by a ramp formed on one side.

It replaces dimes, quarters and table knives, all of which have width and strength limitations.

They are excellent gifts, particularly to those whom you want to discourage from using cutlery for household repairs.These screwdrivers should be in every pocket on every keychain. Guaranteed to be the only screwdriver in the shop that will snugly fit the cap iron screw on a plane.

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Customer Reviews
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4 product stars
cool little screwdriver - jack - 02/05/2012
great little gadget to have around, strong, easy to carry in pocket or on your keys, downside is that it only works on raised screws, and of course, the price is quite high considering the manufacturer price for a dozen of those.

5 product stars
more then just coins - Maik - 06/02/2012
remember that one time, when you just needed a screw driver (the tool not the drink) and all you had was you fancy one bladed knife... fast forward, hurt pride and damaged a knifetip are the end results I bought this one so I could carry a fancy one bladed framelock knife and still be able to operate a loose screw this item is brilliant buy it, don't wait, no more broken knife tips