BreakAway Connector For Paracord Lanyard

BreakAway Connector For Paracord Lanyard
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BreakAway Connector For Paracord Lanyard Summary

Historically, lanyards have been made as one continuous loop that goes around your neck. Obviously, if the lanyard gets snagged you’ve got some problems. The answer to this problem is a breakaway connector. Breakaway lanyard connectors also know as safety lanyard connectors will come off your neck when enough force (a firm tug) is applied. The breakaway mechanism is formed by a plastic male-female connector installed within the large lanyard loop.

This is a black plastic safety break-away lanyard connectors that fits the parachute cord. Simply thread one side of the lanyard through each half of the connector, melt the ends of the lanyard, and you are done!It might be hard to get larger cord through the eye of the connector, so we recommend using a short length from a plastic drinking straw that is split up the middle, as shown in the pictures.

Ideal for cord or ribbon approximately the size of 1/8 inch paracord.

Weigh: 1g
Size: 0.7x0.4 inches (assembled)

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