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Boker Plus VAT Vox Access Tool

1324 (09BO310)
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Boker Plus VAT Vox Access Tool Summary

Multitool by Boker Plus.
For a long time we have been looking for a good multi-purpose prying tool for the keyring or pocket, and couldn't find anything satisfying. So we started our own project, together with Jesper Voxnaes.
The result is the Boker Plus VAT, which not only comes in handy for prying tasks, but also works great as a bottle opener, nail puller, shackle opener and carabiner. A highlight of this versatile tool is the carbide glass-breaker, which is located between the two protective o-rings. The VAT is crafted of titanium, making it exremely lightweight at less than one ounce! Thickness: 5mm. Overall length: 3 5/8".

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4 product stars
Useful EDC tool. - Ludwell01 - 26/02/2012
I've been carrying the VAT Vox Access tool for a while and find I use it more than I thought I would. I've used it for everything from prying apart wardrobes to cleaning dirt from my boots through to opening bottles and even unscrewing flat-head screws. The reason for only 4 stars?.. it really should have a hex hole on it for driver bits. You can use the shackle hole to drive a bit but it isn't a perfect way to do things. hopefully version 2 will get a slot long enough to take a driver bit and a hex hole. having said that I wouldn't be in a rush to change mine as it's not that big of a deal. Get one you wont regret it.