All Weather Notebook

All Weather Notebook
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All Weather Notebook Summary

The EDCGEAR all weather grid notebook is spiral bound and measures 8x13cm. You can use it in the rain and wet writing with a normal pen or pencil.

Having water resistant paper is very useful when you are on patrol, camping, hiking or practicing bushcraft as making notes in bad weather, in the UK at least is almost impossible with non water proof paper.

With this waterproof notepad you can make your notes in all weather using any kind of pen or pencil you would normally use, without the fear of your paper being ruined by the water.

The grid paper is looks normal and the outer cover of the notepad is tough and has handy measurements and conversions on the back flap along with a ruler in cm and inches.

There are 50 pages in the water proof notepad, should be plenty for most hikes and operations.

# Water Proof paper
# 50 pages (100 sides) of gridded Notepaper
# Measures 8 x 13 cm
# Ruler in cm and Inches
# Available Colours: Orange, Desert Sand and Green.
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