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Power Pax Slimline 6xAAA

Power Pax Slimline 6xAAA

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Power Pax Slimline 6xAAA Summary

PowerPax Battery Management Systems came out of the world of aviation but soon won favour with many other industries and consumers who need to safely store and carry batteries. 

PowerPax Battery Management Systems are now in use with personnel working within law enforcement, the emergency services, Search & Rescue and the military.

The increased use of rechargeable batteries and the legal requirement to recycle batteries used within industry mean that PowerPax are the ideal solution to safely store, transport and return waste or discharged batteries to base. 

Available in Moonshine models glow in the dark for up to 8 hours, making them ideal for finding your batteries in the dark.

Organisations who we supply for end use are currently reporting a 100% return rate for batteries issued to their workforce.

Available in:Moonshine (glow in the dark), Crystal Clean, Caution Yellow, Military Green, Orange.

Made in USA

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