UltraLight Kit Knives

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UltraLight Kit Knives Summary

Designed to fill the niche between minimalist (razor, scalpel and sharpened hacksaw blades) and full-sized cutting solutions for personal, pocket and tin-based, survival kits.

These 1/32” thick knives are each handmade from high carbon saw steel, fully tempered and coated with a black epoxy coating for rust resistance.

Two blade shapes are available, Clip Point and Skinner Point (heavier, stubbier, design, on Right in vertically oriented photo below).

Blade lengths average 1.75” for Clip Point and 1.5” for Skinner point, and all knives will fit inside an Altoids tin, with an average length of 3 3/8”.

Weight approx. 0.5 Ounces

There is no sheath provided with these individual blades – Kydex or similar sheathing has proven too bulky, and too costly, to be reasonable for these small blades. A solution is in the works, but at present is not available. We recommend putting a small fold of foil, secured with 90mph, Duct Tape, or Gorilla Tape over each edge to protect it, and other kit contents.

Hand made by Morgan Atwood (BFE Labs)


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